Rainbow Trout Fishing Techniques and Baits

Rainbow Trout fishing and baits

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss or steelhead trout) belong to the numerous Salmonidae family species sharing many common features with salmon and other kinds of trout. Rainbows inhabit coastal rivers along the Pacific Ocean as far south as Mexico and as far north as Alaska. It is a popular fish among sport and commercial fishermen since being a rather fierce fighter it can also boast delicious taste. Below we are going to describe the most effective tactics used to catch the colorful fish (angling techniques, kinds of baits etc.). But first we will start with basic facts about the species.

About the Rainbow Trout

Steelhead trout are prized by fly anglers because of their vivid appearance and fighting spirit. Once the fish is on the hook, a fierce exhilarating battle is inevitable. Wild trout have olive backs and tails with speckled silvery sides. The most distinctive trait of the species is their pink to crimson coloration in the form of side stripes.

Rainbow trout can be found in six continents mostly in freshwater rivers, streams and lakes. Steelhead species can be also fished in open bays and salty coastlines. However, these will sooner or later return to their natal freshwater bodies in order to spawn. The size of the fish mainly depends on the water (the smaller fish is found in smaller and shallower water bodies). As a rule, an average three-year-old trout is 12 inches long, although bigger specimen are not rare phenomena. A trout caught by Adam Conrad in 2007 at Lake Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan is considered to be the record catch (43 pounds, 9.6 ounces).

Rainbow Trout Fishing Techniques

Fishermen apply different rainbow trout baits and angling methods to fill their creels with some trout. Tackles and tactics depend mainly on the surrounding factors and other aspects (weather, season, kind of a water body, water temperature etc.). Spin, fly fishing and even trolling can be successfully used for good catch. It is possible to fish for steelhead from the river and lake banks, wading or using watercraft.

Selecting right rainbow trout baits is also very important. Let’s list and describe the top three trout baits:

  1. In line spinners. These are excellent trout baits which come in the form of fox spinners or rooster tails. These lures are effective both in lakes and rivers.
  2. Live worms. This kind of bait is considered to be the most effective by many fishermen, especially when fishing in water bodies with fast currents. The best way to rig the worm is to use gang hooks which imply two small hooks used simultaneously (these give more natural presentation of a live worm for the fish).
  3. Artificial flies. You cannot even imagine how effective this method can be. Both dry (those floating on top of the water) and wet (those landing on water and sinking down) flies are good for trout fishing.

That is, if you know trout nutrition habits, trusted locations and use your intuition you will definitely catch the fish of your dream.

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